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1-800-DEV-ROKS on Smartphones

Michelle Malizia, Associate Director of the South Central Region/NN/LM, has pointed out that 1-800-DEV-ROKS does not translate to some smartphones (see Blackberry example below), as these phones do not have the traditional numerical/alphabetical arrangement, ie, 2 (ABC), 3 (DEF), 4 (GHI), ….

If you have one of these phones, it would probably behoove you to store the RML number (1-800-338-7657) in your phone’s contact list. If you’d rather memorize the number, here is a memorization strategy. Please use the comment feature on this posting to suggest others.


First, memorize 1-800 (that’s easy enough)

Then either memorize 338, or find a meaning for March of 1938 (3/38). For instance, in March of 1938 oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia.

As for 7657, how about the year of our country’s bicentennial plus the number of days in a work week and the number of days in a regular week?  Or, 7, 6, 5 … and back to 7.

1-800-338-7657 Got it?

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