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Recovery resource available for damaged collections

The American Institute for Conservation (AIC) has its own CERT!  However, theirs is a Collections Emergency Response Team, rather than a Community ERT.  See the AIC-CERT web page for a description of their mission and capabilities.  They are the “Rapid Response Team for Cultural Institutions,” and they specialize in helping out small organizations where there is not enough manpower or expertise to deal with damage to collections.  They have a 24/7 phone number:  (202) 661-8068.  On the website, there is also a brochure in PDF that you can download and print.  Federal funding has provided AIC-CERT assistance to libraries and other cultural institutions in the Midwest this year after the flooding, and now in Texas after Hurricane Ike.

Many thanks to Holly Herro, Conservation Librarian, NIH/NLM, History of Medicine Division, and one of the conservators trained as part of the AIC-CERT project, for the heads-up about this very valuable and relevant resource.  She encourages any Network members, whose collections were damaged by the hurricane and who need help, to call the phone number listed above to reach AIC-CERT.

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