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Update on dPlan “Lite”

At our training sessions, we have mentioned dPlan, which is hosted by the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC), as a template that is easy to use for creating a disaster plan.  It can be created in increments and saved on the NEDCC server, then printed as a PDF once the user has completed all, or whatever part is needed, of the plan.  We had heard that NEDCC is creating a “Lite” version of the plan, which might be even more accessible for network members who don’t have the staffing or time to spend creating an in-depth plan, but we hadn’t heard whether it was available yet.

I contacted Lori Foley, Director of Field Services at NEDCC, to find out what the current status is for dPlan “Lite,” and she responded that the Lite version is not yet ready for prime time, but they are hoping to be able to release it by the end of this summer.  She will send me a heads-up once it goes live, and we’ll pass along the word to the NN/LM constituency.

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