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New England Region (NER) NN/LM Training

Javier Crespo, Associate Director for the NER office of NN/LM, convened his staff as well as the RML Library Director (Lamar Soutter Library, University of Massachusetts), Elaine Martin, the library’s designated emergency preparedness/response coordinator, Barbara Ingrassia, and Barbara Davis from the Newport (R.I.) Hospital library to learn about the National Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan, and to receive training in response and service continuity. Highlights of the day:

  • introduction on how the plan has evolved and Dan’s role by Javier
  • PowerPoint presentation by Dan ( on how the plan is designed, and including:  discussion of the different roles of the “players” in the plan, 4 scenarios–types of responses based on specific situations, service continuity planning, other training options
  • an excellent Table-Top Exercise carried out by Barbara Davis (hospital librarian role), Javier, Mark (DOCLINE component), Elaine in the “buddy library” role, and including a call to the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC), since they are located in the NER.  Barbara Ingrassia filled the Regional Coordinator role with follow-up and reporting.

Lunch included a more in-depth discussion of the 8 Steps to developing a disaster plan, and generated some excellent ideas to be implemented in the region.  The day concluded with a discussion of regional issues, which helped to develop strategies for rolling out the plan in the region over the next year.  All agreed that the Table-Top exercise is a very good way to train, and they will investigate using such an exercise at some of the chapter meetings, etc.

The day was very productive, and the outlook is bright for making the plan a reality in the NER of NN/LM. 


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