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Model disaster plans needed!

Calling all library disaster planners!  If you have a disaster plan (of any kind!) written for your library and we could add it to our “Model” tab here on the blog, please send it to me.  We hope to be able to provide as many examples as possible to people who might be just getting started or who are updating and improving existing plans.  It will help even to have a template or Table of Contents from plans that are already working.  If you can “de-personalize” a copy of your plan (delete personal phone numbers, addresses, etc.) and send it to me as a Word document or a PDF, I will add it to our list of models.

We especially need examples from hospital libraries, so that we can help address this issue for as broad a range of libraries as possible.

I have found that our own plan is not opening properly in some browsers off-site, so I will investigate and hope to ensure that all the resources we are trying to make available are easily accessible.  Thanks in advance!

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