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Drip, drip, drip…

‘Tis the season in the South!…..thunderstorms with torrential rains and strong winds, hot, muggy days that make air conditioning systems work overtime…all contribute to increased risk for leaking roofs, doorways, windows, and pipes and for flooding from blocked drains, construction sites, etc.  Here are a few suggestions for catching these situations before they become catastrophes:

  • conduct a daily inspection of any areas where water has come in before.  Any stained ceiling tiles?  Any musty smell?  Any condensation build-up on exposed pipes or ductwork?
  • keep an eye on the weather forecast
  • ask your Facilities maintenance people to check outside drains to make sure they are clear of debris
  • if you don’t know already, find out what kinds of rooms are on the floors above your space (if any) and whether they pose a threat of leaking water into your space
  • replenish any disaster supplies that might be needed, such as paper towelling, rubber gloves, masks, buckets/mops 
  • if you don’t already have any absorbent “socks” for soaking up water off the floor, order them! (a site:  New Pig)
  • make sure you have current phone numbers for your response team and for the Facilities people at your institution
  • know how much you can do yourself, and whom to call for back-up (commercial salvage companies, conservation organizations, etc.)
  • here’s a helpful regional resource from the CCAHA listing companies that provide all sorts of materials for salvage and preservation activities:  Mid-Atlantic Resource Guide for Disaster Preparedness
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