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Preparedness Class at Berea College

Here’s a description of what sounds like an interesting class being offered at Berea College.  Sign me up.

GST 277 CRN 20044 / HLT 277 CRN 20045

What will happen in Madison County, the City of Berea, and Berea College in the event of a major disaster? Do you know what the evacuation policy, quarantine policy, and the shelter-in-place policy is for Berea College, the City of Berea, and Madison County? Do you know the role the Madison County Health Department and the Kentucky Department for Public Health in a state of emergency? Do you know what role the Berea Hospital and College Health Services play in a major disaster? Do you know where the nearest decontamination unit and shelter is located?

In this course, students will explore local public-health policies relating to natural and man-made disasters. The students will learn what the policies are and spend class time identifying disaster policies by visiting the Madison County Health Department, the Blue Grass Army Depot, the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Families, the General Assembly, and the Kentucky Department for Homeland Security in order to review current disaster policies. Upon completion of the review of policies, the student will spend class time identifying the policies that are adequate and meet the need. If the policies are inadequate, outdated, or inappropriate, students will take steps to advocate for policy change.

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