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Susan’s Suggestions for Pain-free Disaster Planning

Suggestion #11:  Reporting.  An essential part of maintaining and improving your plan is to get as much information about every incident as possible, once the dust has settled.  Set up a section in your plan for Reporting, specifying the people who should be notified, and by whom, as well as what information they will need to provide follow-up.


You can devise a form which will help your first-responders know what information they should provide (see an example in the UVa plan linked to the “Sample Disaster Plans” tab above).  Reporting is most helpful if the chain of command in your library is notified simultaneously, such as by an email to the group (Emergency Response Coordinator to department heads to the manager of your facility and to your Director, for instance).  This way, if a key person in the communication chain is absent, the other members will still be informed about the incident and the follow-up.

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