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Susan’s Suggestions for Pain-free Disaster Planning

Suggestion #9:Create a list, ordered by priority, of the items or collections in your library that should be rescued in the event of a disaster. In the event that you had only a limited amount of time to rescue collections from your library, designate what materials should be retrieved. You might set up a table with the first column naming the collection, the second describing where it is located, and the third column designating the person on your staff who is the contact person for that collection. For instance, in our library, different people are responsible for our rare items, our Reference collection, and our monograph and journal collections. This list would be of help not only to your own staff, but to any emergency personnel who might be on site. This document would most likely be the beginning of your Collection Development section in the Appendix of your plan. Other elements of the Collection section might include whatever list you have determined as your core book collection (Doody’s, other?) and journal collection (the AIMS list, in our case).

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