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Susan’s Suggestions for Pain-free Disaster Planning

Suggestion #8: Now that you are accumulating information for your plan from various sources, decide how you want your plan to be organized; i.e. what will go into the body of your plan, and what will go into an Appendix. In researching disaster plans, we found many different systems of organization. We started our own by using the outline provided by Lyrasis (formerly SoliNET). Their “Disaster Prevention and Planning” page offers many options for guidance in creating a plan . We adapted this outline and found that it provided an excellent structure. 

Once you have decided on a structure for your plan and have begun to collect material for it (as covered in the previous and following Suggestions), begin saving your documents electronically into a master file on your library’s server. Print a copy of each document, get a three-ring binder and start creating a master copy of your plan so that you can see order evolving out of the chaos of too much information! Set up other applicable folders within your “Disaster Plan” folder on your server, especially one for the Appendix, so that your electronic version mirrors your paper copy.

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