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Featured Quote

Here’s a really nice quote on the importance of disaster planning by Jan Fullerton, Director-General of the National Library of Australia. It was in her introduction to a paper she was presenting in 2004.


“The National Library of Australia is full of flammable materials, sits next to a lake which is fed by a river, co-inhabits a precinct with many other high profile institutions and buildings, allows many hundreds of visitors through its doors every day, and regularly employs people to work with dust, flames, water and chemicals within its walls.

Within those walls are collections treasured by the community and valued in billions of Australian dollars. There are staff and visitors to whom the Library has a duty of care, and physical assets worth millions of dollars owned by the taxpayers of Australia.

Seen from such a perspective, it is not surpising that the Library devotes considerable attention to making sure disaster is unlikely, and its impact if it does occur, as minor as possible.”

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