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Regional Programs

Pacific Northwest Programs

The Network of the National Library of Medicine’s Pacific Northwest Region (PNR) conducted a Needs Assessment in April/May 2017, focusing on respondents’ responses to questions about which types of assistance and programs related to data would be the most useful. Read the full Needs Assessment report...

2019 Proposals Funded by the PNR

Montana State University Libraries was funded to build an open source Dataset Search, that promotes discovery of research datasets by using data repository APIs to automatically harvest metadata for research datasets from third-party repositories and by using human curators to create metadata records for restricted or in-progress data, that is stored locally at MSU. Dataset Search complements discovery and access tools like Google Dataset Search, SHARE, DataMed, and the Data Catalog Collaboration Project. Here are the project objectives for Dataset Search: to support low-overhead discovery and access for research datasets (especially restricted and/or in-progress health sciences data) from small and mid-sized institutions and to create analytics dashboards, that allow institutions to visualize research data as a scholarly product and in doing so, become a driver of institutional reputation. Dataset Search will be a key contribution to community-driven, community-owned infrastructure to support findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable health sciences research data.

Oregon Health & Science University was funded to expand and promote access to BioData Club educational resources, provide streaming, and record access. The resources will be mapped to Data Information Literacy (DIL) competencies. BioData Club is an established data science education initiative at OHSU, that formed in 2016. It is a collaboration of the OHSU Library, the Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology, research staff and graduate students. The BioData Club hosts monthly science skills, tools, and best practices. With PNR funding, local and regional learners and educators will have guided pathways for engaging with BioData Club events and materials. In 2019, there were 7 workshops covering topics such as linear regression, git and Github, data manipulation with pandas, ontologies, and ggplot. On average just over 50 registered attendees participated in each of these sessions. This innovative project will really promote the value and reuse of resources to NNLM PNR member institutions and libraries in the Orbis Cascade Alliance.


2018 Proposals Funded by the PNR

Washington State University-Spokane Academic Library was funded to create a data visualization lab to improve the value of research produced by students, faculty, and staff at WSU Spokane. The data visualization lab will allow people involved in research to learn about data visualization software through 10 hands-on workshops and data consultations upon request. The lab will have drop-in hours to allow researchers to explore and practice data visualization techniques. With these activities, the expected outcomes include improved use of data visualization software to increase the visibility and value of WSU research to the university and the community.

Montana State University Libraries was funded to develop and administer workshops that raise the computational competencies of undergraduate and graduate students, specifically addressing skills necessary to succeed in data-intensive scientific research. This suite of workshops will provide students at Montana State University (MSU) with a basic understanding of coding, with introductions to data processing, visualization, and analysis. Introductory and intermediate R workshops will be offered at the beginning of each semester. Workshops on data visualization in R and data wrangling in R will be developing in Fall 2018 and offered in Spring 2019. In order to broaden the impact of these workshops to a wider audience, curriculum materials and workshop recordings will be published with Creative Commons licenses in MSU ScholarWorks, MSU’s open access institutional repository; the MSU ScholarWorks links will be further distributed via a landing page on the Library website, designed by MSU Creative Services.


2017 Proposals Funded by the PNR

Inland Northwest Health Science Libraries was funded to bring the Association of College & Research Libraries Workshop, “Building Your Research Data Management Toolkit: Integrating RDM into Your Liaison Work” to Spokane, Washington on April 10, 2017. With collaboration by libraries from Washington State University, Gonzaga University, Eastern Washington University, and Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, the workshop successfully attracted regional academic and hospital librarians that seek to provide data management assistance to expanding medical programs and researchers serving rural populations.

Oregon Health Sciences University was funded to create and offer a Data Science Institute for Researchers, Librarians, and Information Specialists. The Institute brought "together researchers, librarians and information specialists from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and northern California for a formal training on key topics in data science. The program organizers worked with subject-matter experts to provide face-to-face, interactive instruction over a three-day workshop. The learning objectives for the training increased awareness of key skills in data science and how these can be applied to the participant’s own daily practices, such as research or serving patrons; to increase confidence with using data science techniques; and, to increase the ability of participants to use or apply data science techniques in problems outlined in the course.” The Institute was offered from November 6th - 8th, 2017 and was very successful!


Past Classes - Recordings Available

PNR Rendezvous: Data Education Resources for Anyone, Anywhere
A look at the development of freely available, online Open Educational Resources (OERs) that cover various topics in data science by a research team at Oregon Health & Science University.

A Rendez-vous with Data
Three librarians share their experiences developing and providing unique data services in academic medical settings: Erin Foster from Indiana University School of Medicine, Ruth Lily Medical Library; Ariel Deardorff from the UCSF Library; and Kevin Read from the NYU Health Sciences Library.

Calling BS in the Age of Big Data
Jevin West, Assistant Professor at the University of Washington's iSchool, discusses common pitfalls around information visualization, examing different ways that information can be misrepresented with figures and graphs. The discussion builds upon several lectures given in his Calling BS class at the UW.

Unlocking the Potential of De-identified Clinical Datasets
Healthcare systems generate a ton of data on a daily basis. The primary purpose of this data is billing and clinical decision making. But great secondary use of this data is research. Bas de Veer, Bio-Medical Informatics Services Manager for UW Medicine IT Services at the University of Washington, discusses the potential uses, best practices and common hurdles of de-identified clinical datasets.


Data Management LibGuides

There are a growing number of national and international data management  resources for both librarians and researchers available online. Below is a list of the data management website pages and library guides provided by several of our regional members. It you don't see yours here, please let us know!


Boise State University, Data Management
Northwest Nazarene University
University of Idaho, Data and Digital Services


Montana State University, Data Services


Oregon Health and Sciences University, Data
Oregon State University, Research Data Services
Portland State University, Manage Your Research Data
University of Oregon, Research Data Management
Willamette University, Data Management


University of Puget Sound, Data Management Plans
University of Washington, Data Resources
University of Washington, Data Resources in the Health Sciences
Washington State University, Biomedical Research Data Management
Washington State University, Data Management Plans

Regional Organizations

University of Washington, Institute of Translation Health Sciences (ITHS)
Oregon Health Sciences University, Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI)