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2017 Proposals Funded by the MAR

New York University Health Sciences Library -- Facilitating the Development of Research Data Management Services at Health Sciences Libraries

The proposed Research Data Management program is designed to provide training, tools and strategies for medical libraries seeking to develop research data management services. This program provides a holistic approach to developing data services that focuses on building the required knowledge base, understanding and connecting with researchers, promoting effective outreach strategies, and integrating with the broader institutional data community. The program consists of online training modules to provide the necessary background in research data management, and three components to assist libraries in implementing services at their institution:

  • A data interview template with outreach guidelines
  • A teaching toolkit consisting of slides, script, and evaluation materials
  • Strategies and promotional materials for developing a data class series

University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System -- University of Pittsburgh Data Catalog

This project proposes for the Health Sciences Library System (HSLS) at the University of Pittsburgh to implement the data catalog code created by the New York University (NYU) Health Sciences Library to aggregate University of Pittsburgh health sciences datasets and make them discoverable; significantly increasing the access to datasets created at our institution. We will expand on NYUs successes by editing the existing metadata scheme to capture the data of bench researchers, a population that NYU has not focused on to date, and to evaluate other possible search interfaces to increase usability. We will utilize our strong library liaison program and existing partnerships with stakeholder on campus to reach our proposed goals.