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Life Sciences


"Biology:  One of the BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE DISCIPLINES concerned with the origin, structure, development, growth, function, genetics, and reproduction of animals, plants, and microorganisms." -- Definition from the NCBI MeSH Database.


Occupational Outlook Handbook

Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

Biology Organizations

American Institute of Biological Sciences
American Society for Cell Biology
American Society for Microbiology
American Society of Plant Biologists
American Society of Human Genetics


University of California Museum of Paleontology – A basic and quick reference for cell biology terms. Also includes terms other life sciences such as zoology, ecology, phylogenetics.
A Dictionary of Biology – Sixth edition online version published by Oxford University Press. Covers terminology in biology, biophysics, biochemistry as well as some key concepts in medicine, and paleontology.

Online Resources

Concepts of Biology – An OpenStax open textbook that covers basic biology concepts.
Biology – An OpenStax open textbook which covers introductory biology concepts.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute: BioInteractive/Introductory Biology – A multimedia collection of educational material such as films, animations, and virtual labs.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute: BioInteractive/Biology of Cells – A multimedia collection of educational material such as films, animations, and interactive posters.
Welcome To The New Term – A collection of biology topics presented in a textbook fashion.
Cell Image Library – A freely accessible, easy-to-search, public repository of reviewed and annotated images, videos, and animations of cells from a variety of organisms, showcasing cell architecture, intracellular functionalities, and both normal and abnormal processes.
iBiology - This educational website provides access to over 300 open-access videos including educational topics, seminars by leading scientists, and scientific career oriented videos.
Fundamentals of Biology - This free online course is offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MITOPENCOURSEWARE initiative.
Introduction to Biology - This free online course is a part of the Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative.
Concepts of Biology - This is an open textbook that provides and introduction to basic biology concepts.
Biology - This is an introductory biology open textbook.
Jones Biology - This is a website with multimedia learning materials, maintained by retired biology teacher, Judy Jones. 

Biology and Data

PubMed Searches

Biology and Big Data
biology[mh] AND "big data"

Biology and Data Management
biology[mh] AND "data management"

Biology Metadata

Digital Curation Centre (DCC) - Metadata standards search results for “Biology

Biology Data Repositories

NIH Data Sharing Repositories
Data Dryad
National Center for Biotechnology Information
Minimum Information for Biological and Biomedical Investigations

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