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Data Roadmap

Take Action with Data

This final stop on the Roadmap to Data Professional Development is about taking action and sharing back what you have learned about data and data management. Make a plan for putting what you have learned into action. The resources below are organized by core skills identified for data science and open science librarians In April 2019 at the National Library of Medicine’s Office of Strategic Initiatives workshop.

New resources will be regularly posted. Email your questions and recommendations for data literacy and data management resources that could be included in the Roadmap and help to build and improve the Data Roadmap.

Data Skills

Now use what you have learned along the way on the Data Roadmap to reflect on current situation, think about how to integrate your librarianship and data science, and use what you have learned to contribute back to your institution. Data Skills links here will help you think about ways to contribute and find your place in data world.

Computational Skills

Put all you have learned together into a Data Science Toolbox and reflect on how you can best utilize this new knowledge and skills.

Traditional Library Skills

Use traditional librarian skills to design, develop, and implement some research, outreach, and teaching activities around your new skill sets. Don't forget to plan for assessment of your ideas from the beginning of the process!

  • 23 Things: overview of practical, free, online resources and tools that you can begin using today to incorporate research data management into your practice of librarianship.​
  • Writing a library assessment plan?: A list of resources from ACRL for creating assessment plans.
  • The Library Assessment Cookbook: Published by ACRL, with practical “recipes” showing practical approaches to assessment.
  • Staying Social: ten tips to master social media at your library.

Skills for Developing Programs & Services

Engage peers and new found data friends to help you plan; collaboration on designing and developing plans will save time and energy. Use resources already out there (see links below) to customize for your particular institutional context.

Research & Subject Matter Skills

Share your research and subject matter expertise with researchers through your outreach and support. Mentor graduate students who will someday in the future be the faculty you support and partner with.

Interpersonal Skills

Focus on 'engagement' of your stakeholders and collaborators. Use creative ways to communicate, collaborate and present information by checking out the resource links below.

Lifelong Learning

Stay active with pursuing continuing professional development in the area od data science; it is constantly changing. Here are a few links to help you find resources easily to keep learning.