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Data Roadmap

Up your Data Game

Now that you have had a chance to explore data resources by some hands-on learning, are you are ready to learn more about research data management, data analysis in clinical and more general contexts? Use the links below to go beyond basic skills and use what you have learned in more advanced data contexts. The resources below are organized by core skills identified for data science and open science librarians In April 2019 at the National Library of Medicine’s Office of Strategic Initiatives workshop.

Try out some new tools, take some data courses, or play with your own data, and email your questions and recommendations about data literacy and data management topics to help us to continue to build the Data Roadmap.

Data Skills

Once you have had a chance to dig into some data skill building resources from the previous level, you may want to explore more on topics you uncovered of interest! These links provide a more formal learning experience around developing or enhancing data skills.

Computational Skills

If you are interested in developing programming and statistical skills these links will introduce you to some courses and learning objects related to the more advanced programming and statistical level of data science!

Traditional Library Skills

As you begin to interact with clinical and health science researchers, you may also want to think about updating some more traditional librarian skills around the topics of systematics reviews, digital archiving, teaching data literacy and open data topics.

Skills for Developing Programs & Services

Once you start developing and promoting programs and services, use the information found at the links below to up your marketing game and refocusing on customer service.

Research & Subject Matter Knowledge

Think about some practical applications of your developing knowledge, skill sets and attitudes about integrating librarianship, research and data science. The links related to this core skill of Research and Subject Matter Knowledge can help you reflect on your practice.

Interpersonal Skills

To Up your Data Game, draw on creative skills, aptitudes and  other interpersonal skills as you reach out to researchers and students. Thinking about the presentation of information can enhance your opportunities for collaboration and partnerships!

Lifelong Learning

Think about joining some data science and data management organizations to stay up to date on your skills development!