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Trusted Health Resources for Parents and Caregivers

More and more people search for health information online. Often, they are searching for health information for children or a loved one, yet they do not know where to look for quality health information or how to evaluate the information they find. Using a life course perspective, participants will learn about specific trusted consumer health resources to use with their patrons. Participants will also learn tips and tricks for conducting consumer health reference interviews. Public librarians and consumer health librarians will benefit the most from this course. This course can be delivered as either a webinar or in-person session.


By the end of the course learners will:

  • be able to apply their knowledge of health information resources to patron interactions;
  • be introduced to new consumer health resources or new features of consumer health resources they already use;
  • understand the information needs of parents and caregivers and how those needs differ than when patrons look forhealth information for themselves; and
  • be able to evaluate the trustworthiness of consumer health resources .
Class Length: 
1 hour
Continuing Education:

1 hr MLA CE

This class is eligible for Consumer Health Information Specialization continuing education credit awarded by the Medical Library Association.

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