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Emerging Trends in Visual Science Communication

How to create informative and inspiring graphics for journals and presentations


Effective science communication is highly dependent on clear, effective and eye-catching visuals. However, most scientists or research organizations do not have the resources to hire professional studios nor have an on-staff design team. Additionally, some research may involve proprietary information that make it difficult to bring on external team members on a whim. Luckily, there are ways to obtain or create an effective image to communicate complex science topics, whether it’s for a journal figure, a keynote presentation, internal team discussions, or the general public.

This webinar will cover some techniques and available tools on how to improve the use and creation of scientific graphics in journals, graphical abstracts, peer-peer communication, or general  science communication for the public.


Emerging Trends in Visual Science Communication Webinar Flyer
Class Length: 
60 minutes
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