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From the Mountains to the Sea: Rural Health Issues and Resources

Evidence shows that there are marked health disparities between those living in rural areas versus their urban counterparts. Not only do rural residents suffer from higher incidence of chronic illness, they also have limited access to primary care services and are more likely to be uninsured or under-insured. This session will describe hallmarks of rural America, identify other access challenges of living in rural communities, and equip participants with tools to service the health information needs of those living in rural communities.


  • Increase knowledge of the unique nature of rural communities, including their attributes and challenges
  • Identify health information needs specific to rural communities
  • Become familiar with resources to address health information needs of rural citizens
  • Identify potential community partners in rural communities

Course Materials

Continuing Education

This course has been approved for 2 hours of Medical Library Association Continuing Education.
This course was previously entitled: Health on the Range: Rural Health Issues and Information Resources

Course Owner(s):
Margot G. Malac..., MLS, AHIP, Education and Outreach Coordinator
Jim Honour, Wyoming/Member Services Coordinator
Margot G. Malac..., MLS, AHIP, Education and Outreach Coordinator
Carolyn Martin, MLS, AHIP, Consumer Health Coordinator
Continuing Education:
This class is eligible for Consumer Health Information Specialization continuing education credit awarded by the Medical Library Association.

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