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EvalBasics 2: Planning Outcomes-Based Programs

In the words of the immortal Yogi Berra, “if you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there.” The logic model is a useful tool from planning projects that will help you drive toward your desired results. Participants will learn how to identify desired outcomes, create an outcomes-based project plan using logic models, and then write objectives and evaluation plans based on those logic models. It provides an ideal framework for developing funding proposals, sets the stage for setting up a quality control system to make sure your project stays on track, and provide a structure for your final reports. This workshop takes place in-person and online, through Moodle.

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By the end of this session, participants will be able to

  • Create a logic model and be able to apply it in different stages of the project (proposal writing, project implementation, and report-writing)
  • Write objectives that are closely related to the logic model
  • Develop an evaluation plan that will provide useful information for program improvement and decision-making
Class Length: 
3 hours in-person, 8 hours Moodle
Course Developer(s):
Cynthia Olney, PhD, Assistant Director
Cynthia Olney, PhD, Assistant Director
Karen J. Vargas, MS Library Science, Evaluation Specialist
Continuing Education:

This workshop has been approved by the Medical Library Association for 3 in-person and 8 online contact hours of Continuing Education credit.

Content last updated: April 2018

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