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Once Upon a Time: Using Evaluation Findings to Tell Your Project's Story

Once upon a time, there was an evaluation report that people actually read. Sound like a fairy tale? It doesn’t have to be. This webinar presentation shows you how to create more audience-friendly reports and presentations.  It covers a five-step process for developing reports, then presents two different structures that can be used to organize narrative and content to be interesting and motivational to the reader or listener. These structures can be adapted for written reports, presentations, and even elevator speeches. Don't let your data get in the way of a good story; use your data to enhance it instead.

The authors prefer that those who want to teach this webinar first take it from the NEO. Most images in NEO PowerPoint slides have been purchased from Stockfresh for use in the PowerPoint slides exclusively. It is a violation of copyright to copy and use those images in other documents.  If you want to use the image or the slide with that image in another presentation or document, you can purchase that or a similar image at or from a similar vender.

  • Follow a five-step process for creating a compelling project report
  • Use a story-based report format for talking about their projects
  • Use a motivational format to advocate for a project or idea
  • Weave evaluation data into both structures
Course Materials: 
Class Length: 
1 hour
Course Developer(s):
Cynthia Olney, PhD, Assistant Director
Cynthia Olney, PhD, Assistant Director
Karen J. Vargas, MS Library Science, Evaluation Specialist
Continuing Education:

This workshop has been approved by the Medical Library Association for 1 contact hour of Continuing Education credit.

Content last updated: July 2017

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