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Mapping an Outreach Project: Start with Information; End with a Plan

If you want to develop a project that requires stakeholder support, you need more than a solid plan. You need to build the case for both the need and potential success of your program. This webinar series will show you how to use the tools and methods of program evaluation to plan a compelling program. In the first session, you will learn about the process by which individuals and communities adopt new ideas or technology. The second session covers community assessment, which helps you gather useful information about the need and viability of your project, as well as help you build relationships with potential partners. Session three demonstrates planning tools that will help you build a program around desired program. In the final session, you learn how to add a strong evaluation plan to your project proposal. The information in this workshop will help you organize both your project ideas and supporting data in preparation for proposal writing. While special attention will be given to applications for National Network of Libraries of Medicine awards, the information is relevant to many types of project proposals.

At this time, the NEO instructors not offering any in-person training. We are leaving the materials up for others to use and teach. The authors prefer that those who want to teach this webinar first take it from the NEO. 

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  • Know the factors that influence people to adopt new ideas and technology so you can choose the best strategies for your project. [Webinar 1: How people adopt new ideas]
  • Gather community information that is most effective for planning your project. [Webinar 2: Meeting the Community through Community Assessment.]
  • Use a project-planning tool that allows you to logically link resources and activities to desired results. [Webinar 3: Planning Outcomes-Based Outreach Programs]
  • Incorporate evaluation into your project and understand how your plan can be expanded into a full proposal. [Webinar 4: Adding Evaluation to Your Plan and Next Steps: Proposal Writing]
Class Length: 
4 one-hour webinars
Course Developer(s):
Cynthia Olney, PhD, Assistant Director
Cynthia Olney, PhD, Assistant Director
Karen J. Vargas, MS Library Science, Evaluation Specialist
Continuing Education:

This workshop has been approved by the Medical Library Association for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 8 contact hours of Continuing Education credit. Participants will be able to get partial credit: 1 CE for each webinar attended (up to 4 CEs) (Webinars will be recorded, so participants do not have to attend live presentations to complete this requirement). An additional 4 hours will be given for completing and submitting homework assignments.

Content last updated: March 2018

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