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Insider's Guide to Accessing NLM Data: EDirect for PubMed

This series of six hands-on, online workshops will introduce new users to the basics of using EDirect to access exactly the PubMed data you need, in the format you need. You will learn how to use EDirect commands in a Unix environment to access PubMed, design custom output formats, create basic data pipelines to get data quickly and efficiently, and develop simple strategies for solving real-world PubMed data-gathering challenges. No prior Unix knowledge is required; novice users are welcome!

Before registering for this workshop, we strongly recommend that you:

  • Be comfortable conducting basic searches in PubMed
  • Watch the first Insider’s Guide class "Welcome to E-utilities for PubMed" or be familiar with the basic concepts of APIs and E-utilities.
  • Be familiar with structured XML data (basic syntax, elements, attributes, etc.)

This course requires access to a Unix command-line environment and installation of the EDirect software. Instructions will be provided prior to the start of the course.

For more information about E-utilities, this and other Insider's Guide classes, see https://dataguide.nlm.nih.gov/

Class Length: 
Six 90-minute sessions
Continuing Education:

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