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Genetics 101

Genetics 101 is a 2-week long introductory Moodle course on fundamental concepts in human genetics. With increasing popularity of direct-to-consumer genetic testing and the importance of genetics in all kinds of research endeavors, understanding the language of genetics and its implications on human life is becoming more and more important.

In this course we will:

  • Define what genetics is and its applications in human life
  • We will dissect and explain the central dogma of molecular biology in detail
  • We will cover the general anatomy of a "gene"

1. Develop an introductory understanding of key terms, concepts, and applications of human genetics
2. Identify and describe the parts of the “central dogma of molecular biology” (i.e. DNA, transcription (i.e. mRNA), and translation (i.e. protein)
3. Explain the anatomy of a gene

Class Length: 
2 Weeks
Course Owner(s):
Nancy Shin, Research and Data Coordinator
Nancy Shin, Research and Data Coordinator
Continuing Education:

This class offers 4 MLA CE credits.

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Genetics 101
Tuesday, December 1, 2020 to Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Nancy Shin
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