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Financial Advocacy: Turning Data into Ammunition!

Statistics, data, reporting, oh my! Is your data alive and selling your value? Or, is it inanimate - stuck on paper, filed in a folder that is opened once a year to add another page and get a little fatter? Attend this Financial Advocacy class to learn how your data can become a living, breathing, contributing member of your library. This class will talk about what you can do with data and what it takes to make it sing for you. We'll talk about kinds of data, different ways to view and analyze them as well as how to convert those numbers to money saved for your institution. We'll determine the ROI of your services and of creating and teaching a class. We'll finish up with a look at different ways to put your data to work telling your story in compelling ways.

This class will meet online once per week for three weeks.

Class Length: 
3 weeks
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