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Evaluation Pathways: A Webinar Series

A 5-part webinar series on the evaluation pathways. The pathways were developed to help NNLM members who are implementing projects with underserved communities, design and carry out effective evaluations that will help showcase all that you have achieved, while identifying ways that programming can improve.

The pathways were developed to provide actionable resources to help you effectively design and implement an evaluation.

The first webinar provides an overview of the 5 steps to evaluation, while the following webinars focus on the special considerations for carrying out evaluations of programs targeting specific sub-groups or populations.

Here's the full list of webinars:

  1. 5 Steps to Evaluation
  2. K-12 Health
  3. LGBTQIA+ Health
  4. Race & Ethnicity
  5. Rural Health

The webinars target those who do not have a lot of evaluation experience, but want to know how they can put evaluation to use within their project(s).

The series is a collaboration between the NNLM Evaluation Office and InformEd International.

The webinars will be recorded.

Class Length: 
60 Minutes
Course Owner(s):
Serene Myers, NEO staff
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