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Electronic Resources: Negotiations and Licensing

Medical and corporate libraries rarely have the luxury of multiple librarians or staff to manage the complex process of resource evaluation, price negotiation, and license wrangling. This session will present the basic concepts of online resource licensing and identify what terms can and should be negotiated or included. Strategies for working positively and productively with vendors will also be discussed. Students will have the opportunity to practice these concepts during the session, to build confidence for approaching these situations in the library setting.


Participants will

  • learn the basics of reading a vendor license to discern acceptable, negotiable, and unacceptable terms;
  • understand the goals and methods of price and license negotiation;
  • gain insight on issues involving licensed materials in libraries.

Course Developer

Patricia Devine, Community Health Outreach Coordinator, NN/LM Pacific Northwest Region

For more information, please visit the MLA Course listing.

Class Length: 
4 hours
Patricia Devine, Outreach & Communications Coordinator
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