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Drug Terminologies and RxNorm

This one-hour training session will introduce you to the basic concepts of medical terminologies (including what they are and why they are important), followed by a deep dive into RxNorm, an NLM-authored medical terminology specializing in drug information. This on-demand course is based on the webinar "Introduction Medical Terminologies and RxNorm," part of the "Clinical Information, Librarians and the NLM: From Health Data Standards to Better Health" series. The series was specially designed for health sciences librarians and other health information specialists seeking to serve more active roles in their health IT team and better support researchers..

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By the end of this short course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose and value of medical terminologies.
  • Identify some of the problems solved by RxNorm, and explain how RxNorm solves them.
  • Explain what RxNorm is, and where it fits in the health ecosystem.
  • Identify some basic use cases for RxNorm.
  • Describe the structure of the RxNorm data files.
  • Identify three ways to access RxNorm data.
  • Use RxNav to browse and search RxNorm data.
Class Length: 
1 hour
Course Owner(s):
Mike Davidson, Librarian
Aimee Gogan, MLIS, Technical Information Specialist, NLM/OET
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Drug Terminologies and RxNorm
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