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EvalBasics 4: Data Analysis for Program Evaluation

This workshop provides participants with strategies for working with qualitative and quantitative data to assess program value and make effective decisions. Participants will be introduced to the logic of evaluation, which involves setting standards for judging value, collecting and analyzing data, making judgements about program value, and making decisions about the program’s future. Participants will learn how to summarize quantitative data using descriptive statistics and use charts as a data analysis tool.  They will work with a partner to analyze qualitative data and validate findings from the analysis.  The class ends with a hands-on experience synthesizing quantitative and qualitative data to assess the value of a hypothetical program and make recommendations for its future. This is an in-person workshop.

Supplemental Materials: NEO Booklet series

At this time, the NEO instructors not offering any in-person training. We are leaving the materials up for others to use and teach. The authors prefer that those who want to teach this webinar first take it from the NEO. 

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  • Apply the logic of evaluation in analyzing evaluation data
  • Summarize quantitative and qualitative data
  • Analyze the findings using program outcomes and evaluation questions
  • Assess the value of a program and make decisions about its future.
Class Length: 
4 hours
Course Developer(s):
Cynthia Olney, PhD, Assistant Director
Cynthia Olney, PhD, Assistant Director
Karen J. Vargas, MS Library Science, Evaluation Specialist
Continuing Education:

This workshop has been approved by the Medical Library Association for 4 contact hours of Continuing Education credit.

Content updated: February 2018

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