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Biomedical and Health Research Data Management for Librarians

Biomedical & Health Research Data Management for Librarians is a rigorous online training course, sponsored by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Training Office (NTO). This course provides basic knowledge and skills for librarians interested in helping patrons manage their research data. Attending this course will improve your ability to initiate or extend research data management (RDM) services at your institution. 

The primary goal of this course is to improve your knowledge and skills in research data management and enable you to add or enhance research data management training and services at your institution. 

We also hope that you will build your confidence in discussing relevant issues in RDM and contribute to the growing community of information professionals with expertise in this area. 

Module One: Research Data Management Overview & Data Lifecycle 

Co-taught by Tina Griffin

Module Two: Data Curation & Documentation

Co-taught by Jen Ferguson

Module Three: Data Standards, Taxonomies, & Ontologies

Co-taught by Patricia Gogniat

Module Four: Data Security, Storage, & Preservation

Co-taught by Jessica Gallinger

Module Five: Data Sharing & Publishing

Co-taught by Jamie Wittenberg

Module Six: Data Management Plans

Co-taught by Sara Mannheimer

Module Seven: Data Wrangling

Co-taught by Vicky Steeves

Module Eight: Research Data Management at Your Institution

Co-taught by Margaret Henderson


The major goal of this course is to provide an introduction to data issues and policies in support of developing and implementing or enhancing RDM training and services at your institution. This material is essential for decision-making and implementation of these programs, particularly instructional and reference services. The course topics include an overview of data management, choosing appropriate metadata descriptors or taxonomies for a dataset, addressing privacy and security issues with data, and creating data management plans.

Course Owner(s):
Jessi Van Der Volgen, MLS, AHIP, Assistant Director
Shirley Zhao, MSLIS, MS, RDM Project Lead
Shirley Zhao, MSLIS, MS, RDM Project Lead
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