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Beyond Systematic: The Librarian’s Role in Shaping Reviews

Class Description:

As review articles evolved from traditional narrative reviews to methods-based reviews, the librarian’s role likewise evolved from the traditional literature searcher to expert searcher and review methodology navigator. The “systematic review” buzzword now encompasses a variety of methodologies and review types, from the well-known systematic reviews and meta-analyses to rapid reviews, scoping reviews, meta-syntheses, and more.

Navigating these less well-known or evolving methodologies and guiding researchers along the entire process of the review are essential components of shaping the review. Using cases from the field, librarians and review experts will describe some of the methodologies beyond the systematic review and highlight how they are best put to use. Since many tough systematic review questions are situation specific, experts will also tackle viewer-submitted stumpers and share tips for shaping and framing the research question and guiding researchers to the best review type for their questions. Overall, this webcast will help viewers to differentiate among methods, understand how to shape research questions, and better guide researchers to choose appropriate methods.

This webcast presents an unmatched educational opportunity for medical librarians at all levels to acquire valuable knowledge on systematic and other review formats, including meta-analyses, rapid reviews, scoping reviews, and meta-syntheses. Join this expert panel as they explore the role of the librarian in systematic and other reviews:

Melissa Rethlefsen, AHIP - Deputy Director, Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Whitney A. Townsend - Informationist, Taubman Health Sciences Library at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Joey Nicholson - Education & Curriculum Librarian and Coordinator for Systematic Review Services, New York University Langone Medical Center

Class Length: 
1.5 hours
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