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Understanding Grief After an Overdose Death

Class Details

This webinar focuses on the dynamics of grief after a death caused by substance use. It begins with a look at three key questions people bereaved by an overdose death commonly ask themselves: "Why did the person die from an overdose?" "Did the person intend to die?" "Was the death preventable?" It also covers the stigma, stress, and trauma that can come with grief after a death from substance use -- and it considers issues that begin to influence survivors' experience of grief and loss long before a death occurs, such as struggling with a loved one's addiction and the demands of caring for a chronically ill person. The concepts in the webinar are based on the presenter’s 20 years of experience as a peer grief support advocate and his current work on two statewide projects in Massachusetts focused on helping people affected by the opioid epidemic.
Learning Objectives:
Participants will be able to do the following:
• Discuss how three key questions affect bereaved people
• Explain the effects of stigma and stress on the experience of grief
• Give examples of how trauma can play a role in grief
• Consider how the dynamics of addiction and caregiving can shape a person’s grief

Class Date:
Region/Office: National
Nov 28, 2018
1:00PM - 2:00PM ET
Susan Halpin, Education & Outreach Specialist
Continuing Education Credits: 

Join us for a series of one-hour webinars about topics related to the prevention and treatment of  substance use disorder and mental health.

You are invited to attend all of the webinars, or only the ones that you are interested in. Each webinar has a specific focus within the mental health and substance use disorder fields. The format of each webinar will be a presentation from a medical or community professional currently working to help people with substance-use disorders. The presenters will share their personal experiences and what they have learned by being involved on the front lines of addiction prevention and treatment.

Through each webinar, it is our goal to provide a professional perspective that combines research and/or evidence-based information along with personal experience to further
understanding, and to hopefully alleviate the stigma about topics that are timely relating mental health and the opioid health crisis.


Each webinar has its own specific learning objectives.