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Teaching Topics: Classroom Assessment on the Fly

Class Details

How can we use assessment effectively in the classroom? Join us for a one-hour program on classroom assessment techniques. After a brief review of the types assessment out there, we’ll review a number of different methods you can use for instantaneous feedback. From low tech polling to one minute papers, you will leave this session with new ideas for assessing learning ‘on the fly’ – no gradebook required.

Learning Objectives:
- Distinguish between formative and summative assessment
- Identify four new ways to assess learning in a face to face instructional setting
- Understand benefits and challenges of using formative assessment in the classroom

Class Date:
Region/Office: National
Feb 15, 2017
1:00PM - 2:00PM ET

Class Overview


Teaching Topics is a one hour, live webinar that covers topics relevant to teaching. Members of the NNLM Training Office will discuss techniques, tips or tools for teaching, including topics such as engagement, assessment, video tutorials, and adult learning principles.