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REGISTRATION FULL Cool Creative Communications: Dazzling Data Visualization

Class Details

About the Course
This class is intended as a quick-start guide to creating effective data visualizations and is geared toward a general audience with no prior experience creating visualizations. We will use Tableau Public, a popular free tool, to visualize data. This is an online, asynchronous class, offered via Moodle, the NNLM's learning management system.

This is a pilot instance of the updated course, and is limited to 25 participants

Details and Requirements
Modules will be self-paced, but to receive credit, components must be submitted by December 20th. For this class you will need to have access to the internet and a laptop or desktop computer. Additionally, we recommend the latest version of your preferred browser. You will also need the ability to access and use Microsoft Excel and Tableau Public (for which download instructions will be provided).

CE Credits
Upon successful completion of the course, you will be eligible to claim 5 continuing education credits from the Medical Library Association.

Class Date:
Region/Office: National
Nov 20, 2019 to Dec 20, 2019
Kirsten Burcat, MLIS, Data & Evaluation Coordinator
Continuing Education Credits: 
This class is now closed to registrants.

Data Visualization enables us to quickly glean insights and patterns from data and communicate its key aspects intuitively, persuasively, and memorably. In this session, participants will discuss the fundamental principles of effective visual data communication, evaluate a visualization, describe the principles of tidy data, and compare visualization tools. This is a basic introduction for individuals with no prior experience creating visualizations. Class participants are expected to spend 2 hours on content learning and 3 hours preparing their class assignments.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe "tidy data" structure and spreadsheet formatting best practices
  • Choose a data visualization tool and develop a data visualization
  • Describe fundamental principles of visual design as they apply to existing visualizations

Continuing Education

Course Developer

Tony Nguyen, MLIS, AHIP, Executive Director, NNLM SEA
Kiri Burcat, MLIS, Data and Evaluation Coordinator, NNLM SEA