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What Problem are We Trying to Solve? How Continuing Education Professionals Help Close the Gap

Guest Speaker: Dena Silva, MS, CHCP, Director of INCEDO, University of North Texas Health Sciences Center

Description: Continuing education in the healthcare professions is transitioning to delivering meaningful and measureable outcomes. INCEDO, the office of continuing education at UNT Health Science Center, offers CE programming that is interprofessional/multi-disciplinary and focuses on changing behaviors of clinicians to optimize patient care. In this webinar, insight to the inner workings and skillsets of a continuing education office will be provided along with key take-home points to initiate collaboration on innovative approaches to clinical continuing education.

Objectives: By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
1. Describe the role of a continuing education professional;
2. Identify 3 ways CE can close a patient safety gap; and
3. Describe innovative approaches to using CE for healthcare professionals for improving outcomes.

Speaker Bio: Dena started at UNT Health Science Center as Program Manager, bringing with her experience as a trainer and educator. She was promoted to Director of INCEDO in late 2018 and facilitates the overall strategy and design of UNTHSC's Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program and the learning experiences for its participants. As a member of the Society for Academic CME (SACME), Dena sits on the Communications Committee and is involved in the ongoing management of its website. She holds MS in Learning Technologies, and specializes bridging the technology gap in education through online learning activities, LMS implementation and oversight, as well as website content and infrastructure.

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Patient Safety Webinar Series
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What Problem are We Trying to Solve? How Continuing Education Professionals Help Close the Gap