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ToxTutor (also originally called the Toxicology Tutorials) was created in 1998 as a self-paced tutorial. It covered key principles of toxicology to help TOXNET users understand what they were reading. After 18 years, the tutorials needed to be updated to align with current knowledge in toxicology and related areas. NLM staff worked with subject matter experts and others to review the contents of the 1998 Toxicology Tutorials for areas to enhance and new topics to add. The updated and enhanced tutorials released in 2016 included a large amount of new information on topics like alternatives to the use of animals in research and testing, clinical toxicology, routes of exposure, and risk assessment. Additional content was added in 2018, e.g., on risk communication, environmental toxicology, and environmental health. The responsive design of the new ToxTutor lets users to access it via mobile devices.

Presenter: Pertti (Bert) Hakkinen, PhD, F-SRA
Dr. Hakkinen is the Senior Toxicologist and the Toxicology and Environmental Health Science Advisor at the (U.S.) National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine. His job includes providing leadership in the development of new resources in exposure science, toxicology, risk assessment, and risk communication, and enhancements to existing resources in these fields. In addition, he is the project leader for the Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management (CHEMM) tool and the recently updated and enhanced ToxTutor educational resource. Further, he is an Adjunct Associate Professor in Preventive Medicine & Biostatistics in the F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU) in Bethesda, and a co-leader of the Environmental Health Sciences graduate level course offered by the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences at the NIH (FAES@NIH).

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