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Supporting Open Science in Health Science Libraries: Sharing Strategies for Sustainability and Success

Watson’s definition of Open Science (OS):
“...Open science is the practice of making everything in the discovery process fully and openly available, creating transparency, and driving...discovery by allowing others to build on existing work”.

In this webinar, two health sciences librarians will provide an overview of open science services (OSS) and research in libraries and outline the challenges encountered in supporting researchers in this space. We will engage attendees in a discussion of how libraries can build on their support of open science by aligning programs and services with the goals of their research communities and institutions. As practitioners, the presenters will also share ideas around adopting sustainable "open" approaches into their own work and research.

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:
• Describe the current state of open science-related initiatives and research in Canada and the United States
• Articulate obvious challenges when providing library support for open science
• Highlight methods for assessing the impact and value of library services and support
• Discuss ways of engaging with research communities and institutional partners to establish sustainable approaches
• Share strategies for developing library research projects that are more open and transparent

Dean Giustini is an academic health librarian at the University of British Columbia where he works closely with medical students and residents teaching information skills, systematic search methods and critical appraisal. He is currently on research leave looking at how health sciences librarians can support researchers in open science, and incorporate its principles and practices in their teaching. Dean traces his involvement in open librarianship back to his early involvement in blogging and development of HLWIKI International which was retired in 2018 after racking up more than 30 million views. In 2019, he was named a UBC Open Education Champion. He considers himself an open science novice.

Kevin Read is a Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Saskatchewan, where he is currently involved in institutional efforts to improve research data management and sharing practices. He is involved in a number of national efforts to improve open science practices of librarians and researchers, including serving as the Chair of the Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association Data Policy Working Group, and Chair of the Portage Network’s Data Discovery Expert Group. Kevin has been working to develop data services programs in health sciences libraries in the U.S. and Canada for the past eight years.

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NNLM Research Data Management Webinar Series
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Supporting Open Science in Health Science Libraries: Sharing Strategies for Sustainability and Success