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NNLM Delivery

The Middle Atlantic Region (MAR) is upgrading MARDelivery, our free document delivery service that has been offered to NNLM Members in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware for over a decade. Not only have we upgraded to a fresh look and feel for existing MARDelivery users, but this free service will soon be extended to Members across the entire Network of the National Library of Medicine! Join us for this brief information session about our new-and-improved document delivery platform, NNLM Delivery.

This webinar will provide:

  • A brief overview of NNLM Delivery, including its purpose and requirements for use
  • A demonstration of how to use the product for document delivery and retrieval
  • Information for existing MARDelivery users on transitioning to the new NNLM Delivery platform
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This brief information session provides an overview of NNLM's new document delivery, storage and retrieval platform.
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NNLM Delivery