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Enhancing Quality and Understanding of Patient Safety: a Focus on Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Guest Speaker: Katherine Pohlman, DC, MS, PhD(c)
Sponsored by: University of North Texas Health Science Center Institute for Patient Safety

Description: Improved quality of care through patient safety is a priority for the American healthcare systems. Although most health care happens in community-based offices, patient safety research in these settings has been limited. SMT is a therapy delivered by several community-based healthcare professionals with over 50% of the American population receiving SMT sometime in their life. This webinar will present ongoing and past SMT patient safety research, including current opportunities for provider participation.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Katherine (Katie) Pohlman, Clinical Research Scientist at Parker University, specializes in research methodology, patient safety, and chiropractic care for pediatric, pregnancy, and postpartum populations. She has been active in scientific publishing since 2009, performs peer review for several journals and conferences, and serves on the editorial board for 2 chiropractic journals. Dr. Pohlman is a co-investigator for several national and international clinical investigations, including the SafetyNET projects (Vohra et al., 2014). Her passion for rigorous methodology and innovative study designs has been recognized through her PhD graduate program at the University of Alberta with awards including the Distinguished New Investigator Travel Scholarship to the Integrative Medicine & Health Conference, Graduate Studentship Grant through the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute, and an Educational Fellowship through NCMIC Foundation. In addition, she is an associate fellow at the University of North Texas Health Science Center’s Institute for Patient Safety and an inaugural fellow of the Chiropractic Academy for Research and Leadership (CARL) program.

For additional details please visit: https://nnlm.gov/scr/professional-development/patient-safety-series.

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Patient Safety Webinar Series
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Enhancing Quality and Understanding of Patient Safety: a Focus on Spinal Manipulation Therapy