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PNR Rendezvous: Staying Healthy Abroad

Class Details

Are you preparing for holiday travel? Has winter inspired you to get out and see the world? Maybe you have questions about what vaccines are required. Perhaps you and your travel companions have preconceived ideas regarding travel especially when it comes to international trips. Travel health myths include:

  • Travel to low-income nations is dangerous
  • The greatest health risks are infectious

In fact travel is by-and-large reasonable and safe—and, to the extent that there is risk, non-infectious sources, such as road traffic injuries, present a more significant threat than do infectious diseases. Risk is more determined by behavior than destination. Dr. Sanford will discuss a number of strategies by which to reduce risk to a minimum.

Presenter: Christopher Sanford, MD, is a physician who specializes in travel and tropical medicine. He is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Family Medicine and Global Health at the University of Washington as well as the director of the Global Health Fellowship in the UW Department of Family Medicine. In addition he is the Director of the Travel Clinic at UW Neighborhood Northgate Clinic. He travels to Uganda each fall to teach in a DTM&H course, "Professional Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene".
His layman’s guide to travel medicine, "Staying Healthy Abroad: A Global Traveler’s Guide", was published by UW Press in December 2018. He is the lead editor for The Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual, 5th Edition. Elsevier, 2016; (Sanford C, Pottinger P, Jong EC (eds.). He edited, with Dr. Paul Pottinger, Medical Clinics of North America, issue on Travel and Adventure Medicine. Elsevier, March 2016.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Region/Office: National
Dec 11, 2019
1:00PM - 2:00PM PT
Carolyn Martin, MLS, AHIP, Consumer Health Coordinator

Class Overview

PNR Rendezvous is a webinar series presented by the Network of the National Library of Medicine Pacific Northwest Region. Each session focuses on various topics such as health, research, resources, librarianship, and technology for attendees to incorporate into their work.

Sessions from this series are recorded and available usually within 1 week of the live session. Scroll down to see a list of past sessions OR visit the PNR Rendezvous YouTube Playlist

Handout from February, 2021 session, "Serving Library Users with Mental Illness: A Crash Course on Controlling Classes"

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