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Keeping Up with the Information Onslaught

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Are you suffering from your own information explosion? How as health information professionals can we sustainably organize all that “stuff” that matters to us while keeping up with the literature for both our customers and ourselves? Helen-Ann Brown Epstein, MLS, MS, AHIP, FMLA, Informationist at the Health Sciences Library Virtua in Mt Laurel,NJ will further discuss her NLM Musing article about organizing your resources sustainably. Learn what, how and why to organize your personal and professional collections. Have no fear of tossing and deleting. She will help us design our very own organizing plan.

NLM Musing Article: Keeping Up with the Information Onslaught

Class Date:
Region/Office: National
Mar 21, 2019
12:30PM - 1:30PM ET
Michelle Burda, MLS, Education and Health Literacy Coordinator
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Boost your knowledge of NLM products or other health information topics with this monthly webinar series from the Middle Atlantic Region.

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