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Introduction to Library Carpentry

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How can librarians remain strong in an ever-changing landscape of new software and research skills? Get involved in “The Carpentries” by learning and eventually teaching software code to improve researcher’s data toolkits! Learn about the history of the Carpentries (Software, Data and Library) and their mission to empower the library community to use software and data in their own work.

Learn a new skill as we explore a lesson together. Find out how The New England Software Carpentry Library Consortium, or NESCLiC for short, has brought together library staff from seven academic libraries to share the costs and benefits that go along with Gold Tier membership. The group's goal was to create a network of Carpentry instructors in New England, to share instruction, and ultimately, to develop new lesson material.

Join us with guest instructors: Christopher Erdmann, the Library Carpentry Community and Development Director; Kate Nyhan, the Research and Education Librarian at Yale University; and Julie Goldman, the Research Data Services Librarian at Harvard Medical School as they introduce skills and lessons available on the Library Carpentry website, the background and the future of Library Carpentry. Find out how to build your own carpentry skills, to use software in your own work to make data management easier!

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Region/Office: National
Feb 7, 2019
2:00PM - 3:00PM ET
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The NNLM Research Data Management (RDM) webinar series is a collaborative, bimonthly series intended to increase awareness of RDM topics and resources.  The series aims to support RDM within the library to better serve librarians and their institutional communities. Topics include, but are not limited to, understanding a library’s role in RDM, getting started, data management planning, and different RDM tools.

Several NNLM Regional Medical Libraries will collaborate and combine efforts to feature experts from the field for this national webinar series. Each session will include separate objectives based on the featured webinar presenter. Attendee participation will be possible through the WebEx platform chat features and other electronic methods designed by the guest presenter. Sessions are recorded, closed captioned, and posted for later viewing.

Each session will last approximately 1 hour and 1 MLA CE contact hour will be offered per session. CE contact hours will only be available during the live presentations of the webinar.

  • Explain how a tool or resource can be utilized within Research Data Management
  • Illustrate and discuss potential role(s) in which librarians or libraries can support Research Data Management
  • Facilitate the creation of RDM plans and programs