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DOCLINE for Health Sciences Libraries

Class Details

DOCLINE is an integral part of interlibrary loan services in Health Sciences Libraries. Journal Holdings, Library Profiles, and Routing Tables guide all DOCLINE requests. In this webinar, NDCO Coordinator Erin Latta will review current best practices for maintaining your Journal Holdings, Library Profiles and Routing Tables. This webinar will include how experienced librarians participate in the FreeShare Library Group, and how they utilize the Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) for borrowing costs.

Learning Objectives:
• Identify the key functions of DOCLINE.
• Integrate best practices for setting up Routing Tables.
• Explain strategies for working with FreeShare libraries and EFTS libraries.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration will close on Mon, Dec 7, 2020 at 5:00PM ET.

Class Date:
Region/Office: National, NER
Dec 8, 2020
1:00PM - 2:00PM ET
Margot G. Malachowski, MLS, AHIP, Education and Outreach Coordinator
Continuing Education Credits: 
This class is now closed to registrants.

The Health Sciences Libraries Webinar Series is a collaborative series intended to explore products and services provided by the National Library of Medicine through case studies. The HSL series aims to support the work of health sciences and hospital librarians as they serve their institutional communities. The webinars will explore NLM resources through real world examples provided by experienced librarians. 

Each session includes unique learning objectives based on the featured webinar topic. An evaluation form will be sent to each participant following the presentation. All sessions are offered as webcasts using WebEx, allowing for live participation through online chat. Sessions are recorded, closed captioned, and archived for later viewing.

  • Identify National Library of Medicine products and services.
  • Integrate National Library of Medicine products and services into workflows.
  • Assist institutional community members in the selection and use of National Library of Medicine products and services.