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Connecting Communities to Health Information: Graphic Medicine Kits at the Public Library

Class Details

To combat health misinformation and stigma, Darien Library created Graphic Medicine Kits to circulate within their community. During this webinar, hear about the creation, promotion, and circulation of these kits, successes and potential improvements in the process, and the NNLM grant that made it all possible.

Presenter Bio:
Brittany Netherton is Head of Knowledge and Learning Services at Darien Library. Graphic Medicine combines two of her favorite job duties: curating adult graphic novels and disseminating reliable health information into the community. She has presented on Graphic Medicine and other graphic novel topics at Comic-Con International and New York Comic-Con.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify resources to aid in determining community health needs.
  • Discuss the uses of graphic medicine to combat health misinformation and stigma with public library patrons.
  • Define strategies and barriers for implementing graphic medicine book club kits in a public library.
Class Date:
Region/Office: National, NER
Apr 15, 2020
2:00PM - 3:00PM ET
Continuing Education Credits: 

Graphic Medicine, comic books and graphic novels that tell personal stories of health and wellness, is an up and coming area of interest in medical education and health outreach. 

But how can graphic medicine be used to improve health literacy?  How can programs be built around graphic medicine?  What graphic medicine resources and supports are available for librarians, public health professionals, community organizations and others?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of using these resources for outreach and education?  What are the best practices for including graphic medicine?

Hear from librarians, creators, community organizations and others who are creating and using graphic medicine to teach students, staff and the general public about health, wellness and disease.

For a refresher on the field of Graphic Medicine, check out Matthew Noe's 2017 webinar, Introduction to Graphic Medicine


Each webinar will have its own learning objectives.