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Citizen Science & Libraries: Advance Alzheimer's Research Online Presentation and Q&A

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Presenter: Dr. Pietro Michelucci

Dr. Michelucci directs the Human Computation institute. He received a joint-PhD from Indiana University in Cognitive Science and Mathematical Psychology and has been a science advisor to federal research agencies since 2006. He has supported the emergence of Human Computation as a formal discipline through a Springer handbook, an open-access scholarly journal, speaking engagements and workshops, interagency initiatives in Social Computing, and Citizen Science working groups. In 2014, he led the Human Computation Roadmap Summit, a CRA-funded 3-day workshop at the Wilson Center with input from the White House OSTP, toward a national initiative in Human Computation. As an Organismic Computing pioneer, he is interested in developing new methods for augmenting group efficacy, and developing related applications that will benefit humanity. He currently leads the EyesOnALZ project, which uses crowd-based methods to accelerate Alzheimer's research through an online game called Stall Catchers. Dr. Michelucci has been a visiting professor at Cornell University since 2016.

Class Date:
Region/Office: National
Sep 30, 2020
11:00AM - 12:30PM PT
Nancy Shin, Research and Data Coordinator
Continuing Education Credits: 

Citizen Science & Libraries is a 4-part webinar series that feature citizen science knowledge experts who will speak about their respective citizen science projects.

Register for this event for an introduction to citizen science, to learn more about libraries as hubs for citizen science, and to learn how to participate in the Stall Catchers citizen science project through a presentation and online Q&A.

The Stall Catchers project is designed by researchers at Cornell University to advance Alzheimer’s solutions. This project focuses on one aspect of the disease: reduced blood flow in the brain. Learn more about Stall Catchers before the event: https://scistarter.org/nlm/stall-catchers-nlm

You can help by playing a simple game: view short videos from the brains of mice and “catch” stalls. We will teach you how to score blood vessels as “flowing” or “stalled." Even the most powerful computer technologies can’t do this accurately enough yet, but your keen eyes can help us process decades worth of data.

Meet Dr. Pietro Michelucci, Stall Catchers Project Lead, during this live virtual event. Representatives from the Network of the National Library of Medicine - Pacific Northwest Region will be joining to ask Dr. Michelucci about the Stall Catchers project.

Join us on Zoom and submit your own questions on the Q&A/Chat features during the event. This event is supported by the Network of the National Library of Medicine, All of Us, and SciStarter.

This event is eligible for 1.5 MLA CE credits. 


Attendees will leave with more knowledge about how citizen science can be integrated into in-person and virtual library programs and more knowledge about the All of Us research program, as well as:
(1) Learn how to participate in a specific citizen science project;
(2) See the value of how specific citizen science projects enhance scientific discovery; and
(3) Acquire the skill-set to facilitate group events centering on a specific citizen science project.