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Beyond the SEA: A Community Effort: Responding to Substance Misuse

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Part 1: Presentation Title: Responding to the Crisis of Addiction in Our Communities

Presenter: Nita Bryant, James Branch Cabell Library, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA.

Presentation Summary: Librarians are arming themselves with Naloxone and saving lives, but how else can we respond to the opioid crisis and the other substance related disorders that plague our campuses and communities? In this session we will cover a variety of approaches that address misinformation, harm reduction efforts, and support for persons in recovery, and will explore a range of resources available to professionals, community organizations, and individuals struggling with addiction.

Presenter Bio: Nita Bryant holds a doctorate in sociology and is a Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University. Since 2011, she has served as library liaison to the International Programme in Addiction Studies and the Humphrey H. Humphrey Fellowship Program in Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment, and Policy. She is a member of SALIS (Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists), an international association of individuals and organizations with special interests in the exchange and dissemination of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) information.

Part 2: Presentation Title: Substance Misuse Prevention: A Community Effort

Presenter: Seanté Hunt, MA, CAC-AD, Opioid Misuse Prevention Coordinator, Overdose Response Program Coordinator, Howard County Health Department, Bureau of Behavioral Health, Columbia, MD

Presentation Summary: Heroin/Opioid overdose is huge public health crisis. Overdose deaths are on the rise in Howard County. Think that you don’t know anyone at risk for overdose? Overdoses can occur accidentally or on purpose. If you know someone with a pain medication prescription, your friends and family are at risk. Opioid overdoses can occur when children or teens accidentally take, or experiment with a friend or family member’s prescription. Friends or family using illegal opiates, like heroin or taking prescribed opiates (Oxycodone-Percocet, Hydrocodone-Vicodin, Morphine, Codeine, Oxycontin, etc.) for pain, are also at risk.

The Howard County Health Department offers monthly Opioid Overdose Response trainings to the public. These trainings teach how to give Naloxone (a safe and effective antidote for opioid overdose) and rescue breathing to an overdosing person until help arrives. Providing naloxone and rescue breathing can be the difference between life and death. Come learn how libraries and community groups can also be of value in preventing substance abuse, misuse and addiction.

Presenter Bio: Seanté Hunt is a Baltimore native with a 25 year career in the substance abuse treatment field. She started her journey as an addictions counselor after graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitation Services. She was later granted certification as a Certified Associate Counselor- Alcohol and Drug (CAC-AD) and an approved supervisor by the Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists. After working as a clinical supervisor in various inpatient and outpatient settings, Seanté went on to obtain a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix. Following years of work in abstinence-based programs, which heralded the 12 step recovery approach, she then spent 8 years in medication-assisted treatment programs educating patients and families on their right to choose the recovery strategy which works best for them, even when opposed to traditional methods.

Since coming to the Howard County Health Department, Bureau of Behavioral Health almost three years ago, Seanté has been able to triple the number of naloxone trainings offered to the community. She believes that a rescue with naloxone provides another chance for someone to make a decision for recovery. Her other responsibilities include coordination of the following: the Overdose Fatality Review Team, which reviews all county overdose deaths; the Opioid Information Exchange, which houses overdose data from the Police Department and Fire & Rescue Services; and the Opioid Intervention Team, which develops strategies for overall awareness, prevention and education of the opioid crisis in Howard County.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Region/Office: National
Dec 6, 2017
2:00PM - 4:00PM ET
Tony Nguyen, ML..., MLIS, AHIP, Executive Director
Nancy Patterson, Network Engagement Coordinator

Class Overview

Beyond the SEA is a webinar series from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Southeastern/Atlantic Regional Medical Library (NNLM SEA). Speakers cover different topics of interest to health science librarians, health care practitioners, librarians, and other health focused groups in the region. Topics include new and updated National Library of Medicine (NLM) resources, RML Awardee presentations on their research and outreach programs, Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Information Resources, Electronic Health Records, and many other topics related to health sciences and health care. All sessions are online webinars using WebEx, which allows for live phone conversation and online chat. Sessions are recorded, closed captioned, and made available for later viewing.

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