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Beyond an Apple a Day: Providing Consumer Health Information at Your Library

Class Details

This class will teach you the basics of providing consumer health information at your library, from the health reference interview and planning your own health program, to free health resources from the National Library of Medicine and other trustworthy sources.

This class is eligible for 2 hours of MLA Continuing Education credit that can be counted through the Consumer Health Information Specialization. Make sure to register below to receive login information for the class.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Region/Office: National
Mar 24, 2020
2:00PM - 4:00PM ET
Jarrod Irwin, MA, Consumer Health Coordinator

This hands-on class will cover the health information seeking behavior of consumers and the role of the librarian in the provision of health information for the public. Come learn about the evolution of consumer health, health literacy and the e-patient. Participants will leave equipped with knowledge of top consumer health sites. We will discuss creative ideas for health information outreach. The class will wrap up with an opportunity to explore effective marketing approaches and develop an elevator speech.


This class teaches you the basics of providing consumer health information at your library. We will cover:

  • Challenges of providing consumer health information 
  • Planning a consumer health service
  • Consumer health on the internet
  • The reference interview
  • Ethics
  • Outreach
  • Project development / marketing