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New app by American Heart Association and NFL: Play 60

A new, no-cost app encourages kids to play for 60 minutes every day. The app was created by the American Heart Association and the National Football League.

From the announcement:

“Players are immersed in an adventure where they are required to run, jump, pivot, and turn in place in order for their character to do the same. Players choose an avatar and run through the virtual world where they encounter obstacles, which they avoid by physically moving their bodies. Smartphones are able to measure this movement and scoring is determined by duration of play and successful navigation of obstacles.

Other components of the app include the ability to collect digital coins as rewards that can be redeemed for ‘digital swag’ in the form of outfits for the avatars. This allows users to dress their avatar in their favorite NFL team clothing.” (Source:

The app is currently available from the iTunes store, and an Android version will be available by 2/14/14.

Download the app:

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