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Interactive Census Map: Languages Spoken in America

The United States Census Bureau has released a new interactive map showing the concentration of 15 languages spoken in the home. The map has data from the American Community Survey 2007-2011.

From the Census Bureau:

“‘This map makes it easy for anyone to plan language services in their community,’ said Nancy Potok, the Census Bureau’s acting director. ‘Businesses can tailor communications to meet their customers’ needs. Emergency responders can use it to be sure they communicate with people who need help. Schools and libraries can offer courses to improve English proficiency and offer materials written in other languages.’

The languages available in the interactive map include Spanish, French, French Creole, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Arabic. After selecting one of these languages from the menu, users will see a national population density map, with each dot representing about 100 people who speak the language at home placed where these speakers are concentrated. The map also allows users to zoom in to a smaller geographic area, where each dot represents 10 people. The dots were placed in a random location within census tracts to protect the confidentiality of speakers.”

Access the map and learn more:

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