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Now available online @SAMHSA, “Mass Casualty: Support and Response Webinar.”

NEW Mass Casualty: Support and Response <> The goal of this 45-minute webinar is to share information about emotional reactions to mass casualty events.  It also addresses what Medical Reserve Corps team members, Commission Corps Officers, and other first responders may encounter in the field during a crisis event and familiarizes participants with related disaster behavioral health resources, available through SAMHSA.

This webinar supports response efforts and promote responders’ individual and peer group resilience by ensuring that viewers are able to:

Identify common behavioral health reactions to a mass casualty event.

Detect stress reactions of survivors and responders.

Assist responders with leadership strategies and team resilience.

Locate and use resources found on the SAMHSA Disaster Technical Assistance Center (DTAC) website, including free downloadable guides, pamphlets, tip sheets, the Disaster Behavioral Health Information Series, The Dialogue, the SAMHSA DTAC Bulletin, pre-recorded webinars/podcasts, and other various disaster behavioral health–related items.

Featured speakers include Heather Oglesby, SAMHSA Project Officer, CDR Jeffrey Coady, Psy.D., SAMHSA Region V Administrator, and CDR Jamie Seligman, SAMHSA Project Officer.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Julie Liu at (240) 276–2424 or Feedback is welcome at

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